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Charlie - 裁縫師
Founded in 1956, Johnson & Co. is a 3rd generation tailors. Providing suits of exceptional craftsmanship and quality to its customers, allowing everyone to experience the affordable luxury Johnson & Co. have provided across the world for over 60 years.

The shop is currently headed by Charlie, who uses his vast 40 years of experience to bring the perfect, bespoke suit to men and women around the world. Charlie heads an expert team well versed in providing custom made clothing based on your exact measurements in our dedicated fitting room. His team will guide you through the choosing of fabric, style, collar, fit, cut, cuffs, lining even specialist and complex features such as monograms or detailed treads and button mix, Johnson & Co.'s experience allows you to even mix and match fabric types allowing your suit to match your charisma.

This unique service is coupled to an in house jewellery and watch store providing you with the opportunity to fully complement your new clothes with suitable accessories. The one stop service extends to alternation services ensuring your suit continues to fit as good as new for as long as you wear it.

Johnson & Co. have experience providing bulk orders to the service industry, outfitting the staff of many cruise liners and hotels both in Hong Kong and farther a field. Regardless of your requirements Charlie and his team deliver the high level of service and satisfaction they are known for from larger orders to wedding suits and casual wear.

Thanks to Charlie's worldwide experience and connections gained from a lifetime of business travelling, Johnson & Co. are well placed to provide fast and competitive shipping with exceptional one to one service right across the globe.
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