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Raj - 裁縫師
Raj’s father Martin K.Tolani founded R S Fashions in 1990 as a tailor and now we have provided bespoke tailoring to more than 250,000 clients all over the world. They have more than 40 Shanghainese tailors working in day and night shifts to produce the perfect Bespoke tailored suit for their clients.
“Fit is the most important part of the outfit and bespoke Tailors is intensely focused on delivering your natural fit and provide a complete wardrobe according to your taste, shape, preference and needs. We mainly travel 15 to 20 states like new york, washington, vancouver, toronto and ottawa and do world wide order as well.”, says Raj.
Bespoke tailors use seasonal fabrics from the finest mills and factories from across the world such as from England, France, Italy and many such other international sources. “We have all grades of wool and synthetic blends which includes cotton, linen, superfine wools, worsted wools and cashmere blends. Using the finest fabrics from all over the world we made an exquisite handcrafted bespoke suit or elegant bespoke shift dresses and create a stunning outfit for a special occasion.”
Raj ensures that their suits not only look good but to feel good and comfortable. “We are using traditional hand cut and hand made stitching methods.”
The process of bespoke tailoring includes first collect fabric styles and make a paper example that the tailor marks up for parts for example, bind openings and trouser sleeves and afterward, for especially troublesome fits, making a specimen suit from scrap fabric.
The process involves a detailed measurement of the individual and then a pattern which is specially made for each customer. Then second, a first fitting takes place which is genuinely a raw assembling of the various parts of the suit. Once your garment is completed, we will advise you to come in for your final try-on, or we can arrange to have your garment delivered to your door. Minor alterations would also be done once the suit is finished, in case needed.
Bespoke tailors mainly focus on styles because styles are a personal preference and can be influenced by fashion trends, though you should always choose a style of anything like jackets, shirts that you will feel comfortable wearing.
“We offer styles of single breasted suit in a slim fit and regular fit, double breasted suit in a slim fit and regular fit, length styles in regular and slim fit, styles of outside and inside pocket, cuff button options etc. We limit the number of styling options and fittings to make the process simpler and keep the price reasonable.”
Bespoke tailoring prepare made to measure suits with perfect fit guaranteed and fulfill all the requirements of customers, so provide satisfaction. It also offers free delivery to customers for their ease.
  • 剪裁風格
  • 製作時間
    1 至 2天
  • 海外郵寄服務?
  • 改衣服務?
  • 女裝服務
  • 語言
    中文(廣東話), 英語
  • 價格範圍
    襯衫: 港元$300-500
    西裝: 港元$4500-6000


  • R S Fashions
    Speak to Danny at RS Fashions in Hong Kong. They will send you a pro-forma for measuring up and get great suits to you in a week or so. Good quality and they will copy any style you send them for about £100 each. I use them for all my day to day suits and they are great. (Source: Readytogo)
  • R S Fashions
    I visited R.S Fashions Custom Tailors and the people inside only seem to care about how much money they could extract from me. They did not seem very professional. It was one of those times that we allowed a tout on the street to take us to a tailor shop and I'm glad we did not buy! (Source: Tripadvisor)