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A Man Hing Cheong

3.9 / 5
Mon - Sat: 9:30am - 7:00pm Sun: 9:30am - 6:00pm
Mr. Poon - Tailor
Mr Poon & his A-Man Hing Cheong has kept an exclusive stock of over 1,000 samples to aid you in choosing the right style for you.They specialize in traditional bespoke ‘English-style’ suits and shirting, and have been in the biz for over a hundred years. They only need two fittings and in total only five days to make. Mr Poon offer quality suits which start from HK$10,000 up.
  • Production Time
    3 to 5 Weeks
  • Alteration?
  • Language
    Cantonese , English, Mandarin
  • Price Range
    Shirt: Above HK$500
    Suit: Above HK$6000


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  • A Man Hing Cheong
    I have benefited from bespoke suits for more than fifty years, from exquisite tailors in Baltimore, Manama, Damascus, London, Paris, and Hong Kong. Each has produced wonderful clothing, but my suits from A Man Hing Choeng represent the ultimate in clothing and service. This shop is not the cheapest, but the product is superlative. As an ex-pulling guard from the single-wing era, it would be charitable to say that I am still built “blockily.” I will never be described as a fashion model. When I wear my favorite suit from A Man Hing Cheong, however, I have been stopped by passers-by who ask, “Wow. Great-looking suit. Where did you buy it?” Three times, twice in New York and once in Boston, sidewalk-sharers have asked, “Is that an A Man Hing Choeng suit?” Clearly improbable, but accurate. You MUST be fair to these artists and allow for at least one firing. Their suits, fabrics, and craftsmanship will last a lifetime, so time spent at A Man Hing Choeng is time well-spent. And be sure to ask for all your favorites: worked button-holes in sleeves and lapel; pockets for watchs and business card holders; the perfect drape; permanent suspenders buttons; and your favorite leg cuff width. My only concern is my inability to get them to use truly wild or colorful linings. For those opportunities, I recommend a suit almost as well-made, and about as expensive, as a creation from Martial Artaud at Artling in Paris. Again, show-stopper workmanship and linings worthy of those of us who gravitate to effortless elegance and non-conformity.
  • A Man Hing Cheong
    A Man Hing Cheong, alongside WW Chan, Gordon Yao, Y William Yu, and H Baromon are my favourite tailors
  • A Man Hing Cheong
    Very fine cut and high level of craftsmanship
  • A Man Hing Cheong
    A veteran in the Tailoring industry, was referred there by the concierge at Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. Very old school cut and house style, fitting was quite spot on, though expect to wait 6 weeks, due to small labour force. Price from HK$13,000 for two piece suit in British fabrics and mainly produces business attire. (Source: Quora)
  • A Man Hing Cheong
    Suit quality - still among the best tailors in Hong Kong. Price - rather steep for the jump I want to make.
  • A Man Hing Cheong
    abundant choices of high quality fabrics, but just too pricey
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