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+852 23666926

A Timeless Tailor (TST)

Tsim Sha Tsui
Frankie - Assistant Shop Manager
Based in Hong Kong, A Timeless Tailor makes men’s outfits for almost 40 years. We serve local and clients around the globe for decades. We provide modern and classic style outfits; upscale bespoke craftsmanship, in order to let our clients to enjoy a premium bespoke experience.

We have received the Silver Award of the Outstanding QTS Merchants from Hong Kong Tourism Board as recognition to our high-quality service and products. We believe through our professional tailoring service, clients could have new vision on bespoke tailoring.
  • Production Time
    4 Days to 2 Weeks
  • International Shipping?
  • Alteration?
  • Ladies Dress/Suits?
  • Language
    Cantonese, English, Mandarin
  • Price Range
    Shirt: HK$300-500
    Suit: HK$4500-6000
  • Awards & Recognitions
    Quality Tourism Services(QTS) Award - Hong Kong Tourism Board
    Outstanding QTS merchant for 15+ consecutive years
    Accredited member of the Hong Kong Tailors Association


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  • A Timeless Tailor (TST)
    接待經理 (Manager): Frankie 布料 (Frabic): 5分 選擇好多 平貴都有 放心 一定可以簡到中意既布料 Frankie會不停簡一的岩自己要求既布料比我地簡 服務質素 (Service): 4分 只要講清楚自己係剪裁同細節位既要求 Frankie 會積極配合 之前裁縫師傅有地方聽唔明 Frankie 有主動幫手講解 西裝質素 (Quality): 5分 剪裁好好 好滿意 不過要清楚知道自己想要既效果同要表達清楚 跟進服務 (After sales service): 4分 積極跟進 Frankie會盡量配合 製作時間 (Delivery time): 2 weeks 如果無野改 兩星期可以籮 ps: 本人西裝對剪裁好有要求 雖然唔係一次就籮貨 但係我對最後套西裝好滿意
  • A Timeless Tailor (TST)
    Nice shop. Fair price and quality. Will be back.
  • A Timeless Tailor (TST)
    整左第一套度身訂造既西裝,本身都驚整出黎同期望唔同,好彩最尾試上身好 fit身,整左件深灰既質料都好靚,算幾 OK。
  • A Timeless Tailor (TST)
    Recommended by a local friend and it was a satisfying experience ordering my tailor-made suit. cheers!
  • A Timeless Tailor (TST)
    “This review has been removed upon the author's request.”
    response from Tailor-M
    Thank you very much for reporting the fake reviews and we are very sorry to hear about your experience at A Timeless Tailor. The authenticity of reviews is very important to our platform and we take it very seriously. We do have a verification process, which we understand still has loopholes and is not perfect. Due to our limited resources there might be a delay or loopholes in this review process and may take some time for us to process the verifications. If reviews do not pass our verification process, it will be taken down eventually (generally within 1-2 weeks). We are always working very hard to improve the platform every day for our users. For example, it is only recently that we have introduced the function to allow users to "Upload Photos" along with the review. We hope these additional information will also help to enhance the credibility of reviews and provide more information for users to make their purchase decisions from. We are very very sorry to hear about your experience. Please bear with us, as we will continue to try our best to build a platform that increases information transparency in the tailoring industry so that customers like yourself can rely on for making purchase decisions.
  • A Timeless Tailor (TST)
    幫我度身既 Danny 好nice,本身都無咩概念要整咩西裝,好彩佢地都好耐心同我講解左好耐又同我分析,最後揀左件淺藍既,做出黎真心滿意!
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