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Allan Tom & Co

3.3 / 5
Causeway Bay
Hon Fan - Tailor
Allan Tom & Co has been in the tailoring industry for over 50 years. Since its establishment in 1964, Allan Tom & Co has been selling tailor-made suits, suit sets, suit jackets, sports jackets, Chinese suits & Chinese dresses.
  • Production Time
    2 to 4 Weeks
  • Language
  • Price Range
    Shirt: HK$300-500
    Suit: HK$4500-6000
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  • Allan Tom & Co
    Nice and very humble guy. Good quality and very reasonable priced. Have been using Allan Tom for eight years now. Good, recommended :)
    response from Greg
    Nice fake review Paul.
  • Allan Tom & Co
    Trash business. 1. Missed deadlines multiple times, with no apology. 2. Missed simple instructions (made button side adjusters although pulley side adjusters were expressly instructed, made flap pockets instead of jetted pockets). Never offered to fix the side adjusters issue. 3. Trash tailoring. Massive gap between lapel and chest, shoulder lines are all messed up and twisted. 4. When you finally get fed up and say “forget about giving me the final product, I don’t want it anymore, just give me money back” he refuses to give you your money back (although a sign in his store says “Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back”), physically pushes you out of his store even as you’re leaving (assault, might go to police later), threatens you (“be careful, I have your phone number”). There’s a reason that this place has received highly negative reviews from multiple suit bloggers in Hong Kong. Absolute trash. Still haven’t gotten my money back either.
    response from Tom
    How come TAILOR-M do allow fake reviews? Everybody could leave a review without order verification!
    response from Greg
    Not a fake review - @Tailor-M, happy to provide invoices to prove that this a legit review. But glad to see that you're desperately trying to erase any mention of your trash service and trash business from the internet. How's Paul doing?
  • Allan Tom & Co
    Very experienced tailors (I guess over 60 yrs old?) but not those type of traditional-style stubborn old tailors. They listen to your needs and cater them.
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Hon Fan