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Bettie Bespoke Boutique

Mon-Fri: 12:30pm - 08:00pm, Sat: 12:30pm - 06:00pm, Sun: Closed
Bettie - Tailor
Bettie began her fashion designer career in the UK.

After receiving her degree at University of the Arts London, Bettie worked for the fashion studio of Alexander McQueen and Giles Deacon, where she gained an insightful perception and hands-on experience of bespoke British tailoring. Bettie revels in the edgy juxtaposition of a forward-thinking fashion narrative and a meticulous attention to artisanship.

Bettie’s vision for tailor-made clothes is fulfilled through the respect for craftsmanship and sartorial traditions with an evocative expression of refined detailing. Her adept use of self-created patterns for suit jacket linings has imbued creative nuances with formal tailoring and the dimensionality of personalized particularities during the bespoke experience. A contemporary introspective kaleidoscope that reflects the many facets of Western and Asian cultural inspirations.


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  • PangW
    Excellent bespoke shop, the suit design is good, willing to tailor another suit again.
  • Saki siu
    I feel very satisfied with Bettie design, her design on me just bringing out the elegance and stylish! Will come back very soon, and will recommend my friends to Bettie. To experience the affordable luxury!
  • CMT
    High quality suit and excellent service. Cute couple, treat you as friend but also professional. The experience is rly great.
  • YY
    Overall experience was great. Suit quality was excellent, with perfect fit.
  • Charles L
    Had my wedding tux tailored at Bettie. They are very attentive and patience from providing matching ideas to measuring and fitting. Your outfit is not tailored by a tailor but tailored by designer. 5 stars without hesitation.
  • Boris
    Love the exclusive linings and all the details that make the suit unique and personalised. Bettie and David always asked for my opinion on every details, and this really made me feel I was the one who designing my own suit! It was a wonderful experience!
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