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Crazy Fashion (Causeway Bay)

4.5 /5
Causeway Bay
Mon - Sun: 13:30-23:30
Keith - Tailor
Keith founded Crazy Fashion in 2007. He came from a fashion designer background and tries his best to inject youthfulness into his tailoring business.

He doesn't believe that suits should be outdated and old-fashioned, but it can also be stylish and trendy. He hopes to encourage his clients to be Crazy for their own styles, being "Crazy for Fashion and Crazy of Passion".
  • Production Time
    2 to 4 Weeks
  • Language
    Cantonese, English, Mandarin
  • Price Range
    Shirt: HK$300-500
    Suit: HK$2000-4000


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  • 去左揀領帶,唔算係最平不週都幾多款式
  • Hon
    Went to get a cheap wedding suit, as I am not planning to wear it again. It was a very good fit and very nice design.
  • Ho
    Very good fit and good design, although fabric is average
  • Don
    Excellent suit at an excellent price!
  • KC
    過多兩個月結婚, 見呢度既西裝平平地所以試吓, 件衫造得唔錯
  • Chong
    老闆好好人, 件衫唔得都同我改到得
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