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Customize Tailor Culture Collection

4.9 /5
Mon-Sat: 11:00-20:00, Sun 12:00-18:00
Polly - Tailor
Polly Po founded Customize Tailor Culture Collection in 1989 and have provided tailor service to customers in Ho Man Tin since then.

When we started off, we didn’t have much product types. However, upon customers’ request, we have begun to provide customized Men/Women’s suits, Chinese Dresses, Tuxedos and Evening Dresses to meet their needs. We have basically been designing and filling the wardrobe for our customers, Polly said.

For all these 28 years, Polly have insisted on having her own team of tailors, rather than outsourcing the work. She hopes that this will ensure the consistency of quality and that she can meet her customers’ expectations.

Polly believes that the beauty of a tailor-made clothing is the process. Customers can enjoy the full process of designing and making of the unique clothes that fits each unique customers’ body and style. Apart from stitching skills, Polly is there to “hold her customers hand”, offering her professional advice all along.

Most people are ordinary people and may not have the perfect body like a model, but we can help to tailor made your clothing which can make you look sharp and walk out with confidence.
  • Style
    Chinese Cut
  • Production Time
    1 to 2 Weeks
  • International Shipping?
  • Handcut in Hong Kong?
  • Alteration?
  • Ladies Dress/Suits?
  • Language
    Cantonese, English, Mandarin
  • Price Range
    Dress: HK$2000-4000
    Shirt: HK$300-500
    Suit: HK$2000-4000


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  • May
    Polly is a very experienced and professional tailor. Had just got my suits and traditional 'cheung sam', made to perfect fitting. Very satisfied with Polly's expertise.
  • Apple
    今年結婚, 喺度幫媽咪同奶奶做咗條裙, 好靚!
  • Bettie
    Bought a casual denim dress with Chinese style cut to it. Really nice and fits well, doesn't look old fashioned at all.
  • Jess
    So glad that I found them to help with my parents' wedding suits and dresses. Really nice!
  • Tanya
    A little bit out of the way, but well worth it, the dress fit perfectly.
  • James
    Polly is so nice, I brought some shirts over for them to help me alter as the other alteration shop I went to only knows how to shorten it from the sleeve end and tighten the waist, but it turned out very ugly/unbalanced. Polly helped me to fix them and explained that the alterations tailor did it completely wrong, as it should be fixed from the shoulder instead. She said it's common as alterations tailors aren't suit/shirt makers themselves, so they lack the knowledge of how the whole suit/shirt is made hence can only do simple alterations. Very impressed with their knowledge.
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