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Herencia Bespoke Tailors

Mon - Fri: 11:40am-08:00pm, Sat: 10:30am-07:00pm
Miu - Tailor
Herencia Bespoke Tailors was founded with the aim of keeping the traditional craftsmanship while making fusion with new elements and designs.

We embrace knowledge, timelessness and quality as the means to empower you to dress and live the way you want.
  • Production Time
    3 -4 Weeks
  • Handcut in Hong Kong?
  • Language
    Cantonese , English, Mandarin
  • Price Range
    Shirt: HK$300-500
    Suit: HK$0-2000


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  • Tommy
    I made four suits here! Highly recommend you not only because of the high quality of the suits, the owner Miu is very patient and generous too, always give suggestions / fair comments for every detail.
  • Carlton
    Good quality tailoring yet affordable. Highly recommend to young professionals!
  • XX
    喺Facebook見到佢地promote full/ half canvas西裝。但係出黎效果就........ 點知佢話個師傅其實唔識做half canvas,最後間鋪頭話個師傅好嬲唔好再改......第一次聽到可以話師傅好嬲佢完結左件事。
  • Rajan
    Great service and high quality tailored suits at a reasonable price! Will come back to again!
  • Wing
  • Joe
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