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Savile Row HK

Causeway Bay
Alex - Tailor
Alex Chau is the owner of Savile Row Hong Kong, also known as SRHK, is a menswear and accessiories brand which focus on formal and business casual products. He tries his best to resist the industry-wide trend towards transferring fast fashion production to low-cost countries.
Savile Row Hong Kong was named after the most famous street for traditional bespoke tailoring for men in London.
Savile Row Hong Kong offers premium custom suits for men. Choose from a carefully curated selection of fine fabrics. The suit is tailored with your choice of fabric and a range of alteration options that can be selected in the store, ensuring a unique and personally tailored suit.
  • Production Time
    3 to 4 Weeks
  • Alteration?
  • Language
    Cantonese, English, Mandarin
  • Price Range
    Shirt: HK$300-500
    Suit: HK$4500-6000


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  • Savile Row HK
    Loyal customer for many years already, the quality is better and better. Referred so many friends of mine to them, all were so satisfied. Thanks Alex!!
  • Savile Row HK
    SR all the way. This is my seventh order from Savile ROW HK!! Huge fan, can’t say better things about their work. The team is so great and you get to know them as you do your fittings. I’ve had suits made in two other places and although they were higher in price, the commitment to getting my order right just didn’t level up to Savile. If you want a slimmer fit, they’ll get you a slimmer And younger fit instead attempting to trying to convince you to go their way. The stitching and general workmanship of savile suits and shirts simply put, feels better and the clothes last long. My suits from 3 years ago still look good without a thread coming out. This time around I went for a casual winter blazer made of wool and cashmere mix, and I couldn’t be happier with the fit. It took 2 fittings even though I’ve bought before, just to reach perfection 👌 . Highly recommended. Thanks ALEX and Jimmy the tailor!!
  • Savile Row HK
    Vast variety of fabric, products and different styles. I really enjoyed the professional atmosphere here and Alex always gave me his honest opinion on how to cut and fit the suit in the final fittings. He took really good care of me and my needs regarding two suits as I had very specific ideas what I wanted. I now can say: They exceeded all my expectations by far and will definitely come back and get more the next time I’m back in Hong Kong.
  • Savile Row HK
    My ex-colleague introduced Savile Row to me years ago. Last month I got a new job and I really need some new suits. First impression is, the owner is super friendly and nice. Fitting is good, second fitting made things better. Cloth I chose is “Roman King Champion”, I have no idea about it. The price is fair. Business is very good I can see. If you go bespoke with Savile Row HK, make sure you tell them every detail about your ideal result such as buttons, cut, collar angle etc. (make sure you tell Alex too), or the shop will decide for you. This is my first ever bespoke experience, I’m satisfied after all.
  • Savile Row HK
    Thank you for the awesome work. I loved it 👍👍👍👍👍
  • Savile Row HK
    Made a couple suits with them last year and went back last week looking to make a full canvas one. However I discovered that my main tailor, Andy sze-fu, is gone, which is a big shame because he's the guy who keeps the perfect quality for every production, making the perfect fit for every body type and style of suit. Also he's a specialist in full canvas suits which is really hard to find these days.
    response from Mike
    I've been to there for many years, now the quality is even better than before, you should try before giving out rating, all the best dude ;)
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