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Savile Row Hong Kong

Causeway Bay
Alex - Tailor & Creative Director
Savile Row Hong Kong, also known as SRHK, is a menswear and accessiories brand which focus on formal and business casual products. He tries his best to resist the industry-wide trend towards transferring fast fashion production to low-cost countries.

Savile Row Hong Kong was named after the most famous street for traditional bespoke tailoring for men in London.

Savile Row Hong Kong offers premium custom suits for men. Choose from a carefully curated selection of fine fabrics. The suit is tailored with your choice of fabric and a range of alteration options that can be selected in the store, ensuring a unique and personally tailored suit.

Our service has been recognized by “Quality Wedding Merchant Scheme”(QWMS) committee and Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC)

Recommended by 【Time Out】 magazine

Recommended by 【The HK HUB】 magazine, 10 Best Bespoke
Tailors For Custom-Made Clothing In Hong Kong
  • Production Time
    2 - 3 weeks
  • International Shipping?
  • Alteration?
  • Ladies Dress/Suits?
  • Language
    Cantonese, English, Mandarin
  • Price Range
    Ladieswear: Below HKD $3,000
    Shirt: HKD $300 - $500
    Suit: Below HKD $3,000
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  • Savile Row Hong Kong
    Recently, I spent over $2,000 on a custom-made suit jacket. Although the price isn’t exorbitant, I expected it to be better than off-the-rack options from Zara or G2000. My requirements were simple: smooth shoulders and a flat back. After the measurement process, I anticipated a fitting session, but a week later, they said the jacket was ready. Without any intermediate fitting, I was curious about how they ensured the size was correct. Upon trying it on, the tailoring was worse than off-the-rack suits. The back fabric was wrinkled, the sleeves were too tight, and the front had excessive fabric while the back was too tight. There was a severe shoulder divot, and the sleeves were not smooth. They claimed the suit fit well, explaining the back wrinkles as a "slim-fit design." After much arguing, they agreed to minor adjustments, but the fit remained off. Although they should provide after-sales adjustments, I doubted their ability to fix the issues, as they only adjusted the suit’s width without considering its balance, resulting in a strange digital cut. In the end, I took the suit to another tailor. The new tailor immediately spotted the issues: incorrect shoulder and back angles causing divots and wrinkles, and a bulky front with little room to adjust. In summary, while the shop offers affordable prices and fast service, their suits do not fit well. If you don't mind an ill-fitting suit, this shop might be for you.
    response from HK Savile Row
    Hello DK, thank you for your feedback which makes us improve our service day by day and thanks for addressing our express tailor made service, which is one of our KPI. Apology for our lack of explanation about our after sale service, we provide 90 days Savilecare to all our tailor made products, which you can enjoy free adjustments within the period. As it’s basically unlimited times of fittings, perfect fit guaranteed. Remember once a Savile Row Hong Kong customer, always our customer. Our team takes great pride in our craftsmanship. Please feel free to contact our customer service hotline @90153759 (available for whatsapp too). Rest assured, we’re committed to resolve this matter. Hope to see you again soon
  • Savile Row Hong Kong
    I ordered three shirts in 11/23 for my father,but later my father wants pocket on the shirts,i gave them back in 4/24 to Alex without a recept,he didn't even care whether i have proof of purchase,he returned the shirts to the factory and add pockets. i got the shirts as promised. Thanks Alex!
  • Savile Row Hong Kong
    I have been very pleased with my recent purchases here. The staff were welcoming and helpful without being pushy. I think it is best to go with a clear idea of what you want but they were happy to advise. The items were made within 3 weeks and they were extremely good at responding to queries through WhatsApp. The quality is good and of course it is besopke so I think the price was reasonable. It fits perfectly.
  • Savile Row Hong Kong
    Tailored a suit, tuxedo and three shirts here, and was overall very happy with the outcome. Many thanks to Alex, with special mention to C Fu, for the very patient service in spite of my demands and queries during the fitting sessions. Do cater for some time if going for your fitting in the evenings as there might be some waiting, but if you're looking for a decent suit without the eye-watering price tags of suits-made by fancy shops showing up as sponsored results to your Google search, Savile Row of Hong Kong might be worth checking out.
  • Savile Row Hong Kong
    Savile Row HK was recommended by one of my friend from Switzerland and I have used them for the first time. I am very happy with services and staff humbleness, these guys should be called the masters of suits. I will certainly visit once more.Check them out if you're in HK.Highly recommended.
  • Savile Row Hong Kong
    Being a loyal customer I appreciate the great fabrics, qualified staff, workmanship and customer orientation. You can get cheaper suits made in HK, but not in the quality offered by Savile Row HK. It is also worth to mention that the garments have a great durability - meaning that after some time and frequent cleanings they still look brand new. Great value for money!
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