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L&K Bespoke Tailor

Tsim Sha Tsui
Mon-Sat 10:00-21:00, Sun 11:00-18:00
Michael - Tailor
Since 1982 Michaell Lalwani & Kenny Mirpuri started LK Tailors and today has a team of over 200 skilled hands work around the clock to ensure the quality and delivery on time.

They firmly believe that no other suit or shirt can compare a bespoke suit or shirt as it is exclusively hand cut and hand made for your unique taste & measurement.

Michael thinks that every suit is an artwork which is created exclusively & uniquely for you.

In bespoke couture he strives to personalize the dream suit for his clients. Bespoke tailoring gives you a distinctive and iconic approach.

Michael and his team maintain a long-established connection between craftsmen and client with a keen awareness to silhouette.

They pride themselves from having a large collection of handpicked fabrics from the finest mills from across the world such as from England, France & Italy and many such other international destinations. They fabrics range from cottons, linens, superfine wools, worsted wools and cashmere blends. The exclusive selections also include Marzoni, Ermenegildo Zegna, Nino Cerruti, Gianni Versace, Givenchy, Valentino, Scabal, Dormeuil, Fintex, Holland & Sherry, Vitale Barberis Canonico and Loro Piano.

His team of experienced Master Tailors will also make frequent trips around the world with their teams to serve our clients who are located worldwide. Michael and his team will book hotels in various cities and convert hotel rooms into a mini bespoke shop. There, they invite the clients who are already under appointment ahead of their trip. Countries they much of the time visit during the year include: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Holland (Netherlands), Ireland, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States.

Michael and his team understand that each body type & shape is completely different than the other. That is why they follow the most advanced body measurement system prevalent today. He will take 3 different angle pictures of the body shape to create the suit which is uniquely fitting to your body shape.

Their team of world class tailors will then follow a paper pattern drafting system in stitching the suit or shirt in which the paper cut measurement is kept in their database records so that their clients can re-order the same fitting suit or shirt whenever you feel the need.

Their measurement procedure is one of its kind because they follow a step by step guide that helps our tailors to create 100% custom fit suits and shirts. The process they follow allows them to measure each body part accurately and if we need to leave any extra spaces or inches.
  • Production Time
    1 Day to 2 Months
  • International Shipping?
  • Handcut in Hong Kong?
  • Alteration?
  • Ladies Dress/Suits?
  • Language
    Cantonese, English
  • Price Range
    Shirt: HK$300-500
    Suit: HK$2000-4000


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  • Seb
    Very good and patient service. Top rated. Will revisit.
  • Dominic
    Just next to MTR station, very convenient.
  • CY
    good and efficient
  • paul
    Second time to Hong Kong, and this time decided to give a try on Hong Kong tailors. This L and K didn't disappoint me. Supreme quality, and fast turnaround. Got the suit in just 2 days.
  • Nickolas
    Happy with their quality and decided to purchase again. Communications and re-ordering were done through this messenger & payment system, very convenient.
  • Leung YT
    My first time buying tailor-made suit. Shop owner michael is very kind and spent more than an hour explaining to me and my friend who came along the different fabrics. Ended up buying one suit. Probably meet Michael very soon as I will need some new shirts as well
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