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Moda Republic (Closed)

4.7 / 5
Chris - Tailor
Chris is the founder of Moda Republic.

“When we first set out to start Moda Republic we had one goal: we wanted to offer affordable yet impeccably tailored custom clothing. So how did we go about achieving this? We started off by assembling our own staff of tailors who each have at least thirty years experience in making suits and shirts. We then went and sourced fabric providers directly, skipping out the middle man and finding the best priced luxury fabrics.” says Chris.

He is proud to be able to maintain his original goal of offering not only an affordable product but one that he believe his clients will come to find as being second to none.
  • Production Time
    1 Week to 1 Month
  • International Shipping?
  • Handcut in Hong Kong?
  • Alteration?
  • Language
    Cantonese, English, Mandarin
  • Price Range
    Shirt: HK$300-500
    Suit: HK$3000-4500
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  • Moda Republic (Closed)
    Moda Republic was recommended to us by ""Bigfoot Walking Tours"" in Hong Kong. We turned up unannounced to get some shirts and perhaps a suit made while on holiday in HK. Unfortunately we had insufficient time for suits, but were OK for shirts. Four of us were provided with numerous options for fabrics, buttons, collar styles, etc., etc., and each measured thoroughly. We each picked two shirts and after all measurements were taken together with a deposit, an appointment was scheduled for a fitting several days later. We arrived for our fitting and several adjustments and alterations were suggested. A final fitting and collection appointment was made for the day before our departure. At time of collection our eldest sons shirts were still not fitting perfectly - so he was measured up and compared with a shirt he was wearing. Alex (director) offered to remake the shirts and post them to Australia although noted there may be a delay due to Chinese New Year and they could take three or so weeks. We had only been home just over a week and the new shirts arrived and are a perfect fit. We paid in full before our departure and were not charged any extra for remaking or postage. All in all - a very good experience and a much better option than the street touting alternatives in Tsim Sha Tsui. May be not the cheapest in HK, but you pay for what you get and you will not get better service than this establishment. (Source: Tripadvisor)
  • Moda Republic (Closed)
    I recently had the pleasure of buying suits and shirts from Moda Republic. Very professional on fitting and cutting done by the tailor (師傅). Highly recommend Giorgio Vallino & Zegna.....Will definitely be back! (Source: Facebook)
  • Moda Republic (Closed)
    Most all tailors I have been to in HK do very good work and utilize high quality fabric for far cheaper than suits in the US or UK. Moda Republic does this, but stands out from other HK tailors for two reasons. One, they they listen to the customer: if you want a specific cut or a style, they do not argue that it should be in their preconceived style. I have had other tailors repeatedly cut suit pants too tight for comfortably sitting down for long meetings. This is not the case at Moda Republic. Two, they understand the difference between casual and business attire. Moda Republic has made everything from casual shirts for parties to dress shirts for work. They even made my buddy's 3 piece suit for his wedding. (Source: Facebook)
  • Moda Republic (Closed)
    Bought a suit from Moda. It was a very good fit, only if I had picked a better fabric to go along with the good workmanship!
  • Moda Republic (Closed)
    Just want to thank Moda Republic for their excellent shirt and suit I've purchased from them recently. I had a wedding to go to and the original suit I bought was accidentally ruined. I needed a new suit and shirt immediately. Went to Moda to get it done and they help me get the suit and shirts done immediately with even an extra day o spare in case there needs to be further changes. I don't think I have been to anywhere else with such excellent service and understanding of customer needs! The craftmanship and the fit of the suits/shirts I bought were excellent. Thank you Moda Republic will come back soon! (Source: Facebook)
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